One of the team recently went to a Business Breakfast Club meeting run by Val Culley of Culley Lifford Hall Ltd (accountants) and an inventive approach was taken to the 5 minute “introduce your business” slot.

The speaker was Alison Wardle of Sole Inspiration who is a reflexologist and footreader. Alison brought her comfy looking treatment couch and with the help of a willing volunteer explained some of the principles of reflexology and footreading. Now I’m very reluctant to let anyone touch my feet but the demonstration did take some of the fear out of these procedures and it did really make the whole process come alive. Also, the great thing to see was how Alison’s passion for what she does came shining through. That sparkle in the eyes and excited committment can sell a business much better than any leaflet or 2 minute pitch.

So perhaps we should all think about novel ways to communicate our ideas, not just relying on the spoken or written word

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