At a Business Boost seminar organised by SSCCI this morning and I was treated to a high octane presentation by John Sealy who describes himself as “The Courageous Marketeer”. John has around 27 years of experience of marketing and selling of which he shared just a small part with us. What was refreshing was that John talked about small changes we can make that can bring in enough new business to keep your business going. The changes he described were things such as making sure you have something printed on the back of your business card, getting testamonials that spell out the benefits your customer gained and looking at what additional products or services you can sell to exisiting customers. He also Tweets as well!

The great thing was, as I see when I go into businesses, change doesn’t have to be earth shattering to produce real benefits. Often, removing what can seem like trivial concerns can speed up a process and be very liberating. All I need to do now is put some of his ideas into practice!

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