Perhaps you want an expert to flexibly support your data exploitation activities, but don’t have the budget to employ your own expert. Perhaps a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ is needed to identify problem areas. Perhaps you want pragmatic solutions to help instigate improvements.

Our ‘Critical Friend’ support service can help clients:

  • Assessing and challenging approaches
  • Review of project plans, processes, standards and remits
  • Commenting and suggesting updates for key documents
  • Fact finding which could include meetings, document reviews and analysis
  • Support recruiting permanent or temporary/contract staff
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Assessment of alignment to good practice approaches and external comparators
  • Discussion of findings and conclusions
  • Report drafting, editing and review
  • Support procuring external services
  • Coaching and mentoring

This service helps core staff improve the awareness, skills and knowledge of good data management approaches – a long term benefit to the organisation.

These services are all internal to the organisation, hence the term ‘critical friend’. Outputs and findings are only shared with previously agreed internal stakeholders.

Why DPA?

We have many years experience in managing and exploiting data. Our consultants are recognised data experts who bring an objective perspective on data challenges developing pragmatic solutions. We do not sell or develop software and typically find that many of the first activities to improve data exploitation are low cost process/ standard/ governance changes delivering rapid benefits.