Good data and good data exploitation is increasingly important. The increasingly complex ‘landscape’ of official data stores and spreadsheets can be difficult to understand. Yet compliance with legislation, such as GDPR, and profitability/ efficiency/ quality require understanding of this data landscape.

Effective data management/ exploitation is increasingly the differentiator of successful organisations.

  • Do you know where all your critical data is?
  • How much data is stored in uncontrolled spreadsheets and data stores?
  • Can you rely on this data?
  • Can you rely on the outputs of reports, KPIs and data analysis?
  • What is the level of business risk arising from data?

Many organisations are appointing a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to deliver value from data and manage data risks.

Our ‘Virtual CDO Service’ can be thought of as on demand provision of CDO support or CDOaaS – CDO as a Service and is ideally suited to smaller organisations or those requiring interim CDO support. The Virtual CDO service is led by Julian Schwarzenbach, an experienced information manager with a strong track record in improving data exploitation.

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