Software code image - Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Implementing new software or upgrading existing software can be expensive and disruptive for organisations with no guarantee that the intended benefits are realised. We can help to minimise these risks.

Example project activities where we can provide support:

  • Assessing existing data and systems during a ‘discovery’ phase
  • Working with stakeholders to define functional requirements. We then prioritise requirements to align with organisational and project objectives
  • We use a range of business analysis techniques to test and refine software requirements, process definitions and data quality levels support the proposed software system.
  • We ensure planned processes and systems align with other organisational processes and systems to prevent creating ‘silos’ of data
  • We support structured procurement processes ensuring that the right supplier/implementer/software is selected
  • We ensure that the data aspects of software projects are considered sufficiently and that data is managed to minimise the costs and risks of data migration activities
  • We develop training and communication material to support implementation

Why DPA?

We do not sell or develop software – we provide independent advice to clients when defining the requirements for new or upgraded software.

We have extensive experience of using and implementing software in large organisations. Our independent approaches mean we offer clients unbiased approaches that improve software exploitation benefits.