Implementing new software or upgrading existing software can be expensive and disruptive for organisations with no guarantee that the intended benefits are realised. DPA can help to minimise these risks.

Project phases where we can provide support:

  • Since we do not sell or develop software, we can advise clients by providing independent support in defining the requirements for new or upgraded software.
  • We can help assess existing data and systems during a ‘discovery’ phase
  • When specifying new software, or enhancements to existing software, it is vital that there is a clear set of requirements that informs the implementation team. There can be a tendency for people to specify a very long list of software requirements which they feel are essential for any development. However, this may result in a specification for a very complex and (probably) expensive system. We use our skill and experience to prioritise requirements.
  • We utilise a range of business analysis techniques in order to test and refine software requirements, to ensure that processes are defined correctly, that actual data quality levels support the proposed software system. We also help to ensure that the delivered system aligns with other organisational processes and systems at an appropriate level to help prevent the creation of ‘silos’ of data.
  • We can assist in establishing and running structured procurement processes to help ensure that the right supplier/implementer/software is selected
  • We ensure that the data aspects of software projects are considered and that the data is managed to minimise the costs and risks of data migration activities
  • We help develop training and communication material to support implementation