Example bar chart showing maturity against ISO 8000-61Managing the quality of your data requires different activities all to be operating together as part of your organisation’s management system.

These can help ensure that data quality is assessed, that improvements are planned and that measures are in place to sustain the quality of data – which is particularly important if data cleansing activities have been undertaken.

ISO 8000 defines a systematic approach for managing data quality that is increasingly being adopted by major organisations globally. Parts 61 and 150 of ISO 8000 define approaches to data quality management. More explanation of ISO 8000-61 is available here.

Our affordable Data Quality Management Maturity assessment methodology allows you to understand how well your approaches to data quality management align to ISO 8000, to track improvements over time and to compare against other organisations. This in turn enables you to make objective decisions about which areas of data quality management you want to improve.

DPA DQM Maturity Flyer