Example bar chart showing maturity against ISO 8000-61

Our Data Quality Management Maturity assessment methodology is a quick and affordable way to understand how well your approaches to data quality management align to good practice, as defined in ISO 8000. This helps you prioritise improvements to data quality management activities.

Effective data quality management requires alignment between different data related activities and covers ‘official’ data stores as well as locally developed spreadsheet solutions. Clear data requirements defines data processing activities and supports consistent assessment of data quality. When data quality issues are discovered, the identification and removal of root causes minimises future data quality problems. These systemic approaches deliver sustainable benefits to organisations.

Our maturity assessment methodology is based on ISO 8000-61 which defines a valuable process reference model for data quality management. Assessments provide comparisons against other organisations and can track improvements over time. All assessments are now virtual, so are efficiently delivered whilst maintaining social distancing.

DPA DQM Maturity Flyer