From our experience of working in teams in numerous organisations we know that change only happens when the people in the process do something different. By training the people in the skills they need then business effectiveness can be increased and the full benefits of process improvement realised.

Improving the core skills of staff and the way they interact is an essential part of improving and sustaining the performance and effectiveness of any organisation. With the correct skills and attitudes, long lasting changes in staff behaviours will enable an organisation to operate more effectively. DPA offer a wide range of courses focused on improving core business skills, click here to download the current list of training courses.

Our trainers, in addition to being experienced at delivering effective training courses, are skilled and experienced practitioners of the subjects being taught. Training is enhanced through the use of interactive discussions and exercises and will typically be delivered in groups of up to 12.

Courses can be held at client sites, at our modern, well equipped meeting room at Advantage House, Lichfield or at other venues.