We recently had a last minute booking to deliver a training course for UKTI in London. A former colleague, Claire, who runs Catapult Consulting, had been working with Planet Training to develop a new course to get UKTI staff thinking about the meetings they run and how they could be improved. Unfortunately Claire was taken ill a few days before the course, having done all the hard preparation work. We were contacted and, as luck would have it, everything fell into place and we  were able to provide a stand in for Claire.

Meetings are one of our “hobby horses”, so it was really useful listening to the experiences of UKTI staff who deal with international meetings and all the cross cultural issues  they can raise. The course got some really good feedback and hopefully will run again in the future. All of us involved – Emma at Planet Training, poor Claire and ourselves – were relieved and smiling by the end of the day.

To me this incident highlights many good aspects of the business world – how people work together to support each other and how flexible they can be. Claire and Emma had done a good job in preparing the course has they had really listened to what the client wanted instead of just using an “off the shelf” course. UKTI were impressed with Planet Training because they had not let them down when they had hit a problem, the client informed us that she’d definitely recommend Planet Training in the future!

Although times may be hard it just shows that listening to your customers and giving a good service still stand you in good stead.

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