Coming from a science and engineering educational background I admit to being more than a bit of a synic over things where faith is required (never get me started on religion!). I once went to a coffee morning where a woman was doing “Angel Readings” – I didn’t participate. Similarly I’ve often felt that self help books prey on our insecurities, parting us from our cash in the hope that this book will contain the answer to all our problems. One of the titles that stuck in my mind was ” Feel the fear the do it anyway”. This week I decided to face up to one of my big hates – ringing people after I’ve sent them a mailshot.

I know it’s a completely illogical fear but I hate doing it! I decided that the only way was just to pick up the phone and do it! I decided to start with the people I’ve met at networking meetings where we can see opportunities to work together.  I’ve met up with these contacts and got to know them so at least they should remember my name.

I have to say I was pleasently surprised and actually enjoyed the chance to catch up with people. Steven Bourne of The Chartwell Practice (chartered accountants and business advisers) gave me some valuable feedback on the design of my flyer and invited me to a special networking event. Dave Barrett from DBLogic Ltd (software designers) and I were able to compare our notes on trying to win work with the public sector. I was able to put Dave in touch with Cathy Hipkin of  Nysactc who has a wealth of experience in the public sector. Talking this through with Dave gave me an idea for Cathy and I to work on together – more of that another time.  I was also able to catch up with Adam Thompson of Dains LLP, a valuable contact as his office is just up the road from my house.

I really don’t know what I was bothered about – we are all human after all!

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