imageAs part of a recent data quality assignment, I had cause to use the recently released 2nd edition of “Master Data Management and Data Governance” by Alex Berson and Larry Dubov.

Although I did not acquire the book specifically for this assignment, it ended up providing much valuable theory and background information. The book is very comprehensive (clocking in at just over 500 pages) but is written in an engaging and informative style by Alex and Larry, both well recognised authors and thinkers in this field.

The structure of the book is rational and logical, starting with an overview of Master Data Management, architectural considerations for MDM solutions, security/privacy/compliance and then moves on sections on implementing and governing Master Data Management. The final section reviews current MDM markets and trends. This edition has been updated to reflect the changes in both the techniques used and the technologies that are available.

The general approach to the subject is expansive, but very readable and contains many references to other publications, authors and web resources with clear analysis of these different views.

Where methodologies are stated, the authors in many cases provide alternative approaches and do not present a ‘one size fits all’ solution. This means that you will have to spend a little time deciding on the most appropriate approach for your particular situation – but that is probably time well spent and does not make you feel that you have to follow a single prescriptive approach.

Throughout the book space is devoted to providing explanations of the different techniques and technologies, for example, the information security chapter takes time to explain the range of different security techniques and technologies and how they can be applied.

I only one minor criticism of the book, that more space could have been devoted to Data Governance and data quality management approaches.

Overall, this is a valuable and informative book that should be a key reference source for anyone starting or following an MDM path. In terms of the client I mentioned earlier, I recommended that they buy a copy of this book to ensure that they fully understood how MDM can support them.

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