imageOver a period of time we have created a popular series of blog posts with a collective title of the Data Zoo which explore how people’s behaviours towards data can impact the quality and integrity of data.

One of the people I have worked with for a few years, Martin T, suggested a new species should be added to the Data Zoo – the PoD or Prophet of Doom.

Want to find out more about the PoD? Then read on…

The PoD is closely related to the Data Evangelist and exhibits high compliance, high impact data behaviours.  Whereas the Data Evangelist is able to communicate a vision to staff of the improvements that could be made and the greater efficiencies if data quality was improved, the PoD has a wholly different role. The PoD paints a picture of the problems with existing approaches to data:

  • Poor quality reports
  • Poor decision making due to poor data
  • Reduced profitability due to these poor decisions
  • How competitors are significantly better performing
  • The risk of regulatory sanction

The PoD differs from the Whinger in that they have a strong sense of the strategic position of the organisation and the challenges ahead; however, the Whinger lacks this perception and just complains about everything.

The PoD creates a ‘call to action’ illustrating why the status quo cannot be maintained if the organisation is to survive and succeed. They can create a sense of the ‘burning platform’ that will make an organisation consider changes and actions it might otherwise think are too difficult or too expensive.

Without a PoD, it will be more challenging to get an organisation to start on a journey of change…

For those not familiar with BBC TV series ‘Dads Army’, the image above is of Private Frazer, who’s catchphrase was “We’re doomed!” uttered in a broad Scottish accent, whenever a situation was particularly challenging.

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