image Now that the main holiday season is upon us, we are all likely to encounter the usual issues of staff being unavailable or covering for others. Apart from the usual issues around delegation, covering phones etc. this period can pose risks to data integrity…

Pointers to consider:

  • Make sure that your staff are not sharing user names and passwords
  • If staff use the same application, but are picking up the responsibilities of others, that their access levels are correctly set up
  • If temporary staff are being used, ensure that they are properly trained to use systems (pretty obvious)
  • For temps also consider carefully not just whether they can do a physical role, but whether this may lead to longer term data quality issues
  • Ensure that appropriate staff know your business continuity arrangements in case of more serious problems
  • For smaller businesses, have you ensured that back up routines, media rotation and off site storage are understood?
  • Lastly, ensure there are clear arrangements over when it is permissible to contact the staff who are on leave

Happy Holidays!!

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