To enable us to continue to support our clients during the changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering online training at

Our popular ‘Managing Data Quality‘ course has been set up as four individual courses within an overall ‘bundle’:

  • The enterprise data asset – explanations of the basics of data quality, characteristics of enterprise data and the ways organisations tend to exploit this data
  • People and data – explanations about the generic behaviours people exhibit towards data using the Data Zoo concept, what drives these behaviours and how to improve data behaviours
  • ISO 8000-61 – A framework for data quality management – An explanation of the ISO 8000-61 process model and the individual processes within the model
  • Implementing data quality management – Steps to follow in order to develop a strategy to improve the approaches to data quality management in your organisation

All four courses are pragmatic and accessible with a clear focus on the people, behavioural and organisational aspects of data quality management. A free taster course is available here.

Further courses are being developed covering a range of business subjects.

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