Online training provide many advantages to organisations – staff can train at times that are convenient to them without incurring the cost and hassle of travelling to a training venue. This is particularly important whilst restrictions in working arrangements are in place due to COVID-19.

We offer a range of online training courses through the Thinkific training platform. These courses are available individually or as ‘bundles’ that include a range of courses and offer additional benefits.

Courses include:

DQ0 – Why improve data quality management?A free taster course to help you decide if our data quality courses are right for you
MDQ – Managing Data Quality A bundle including the courses:
* The enterprise data asset
* People and data 
* ISO 8000-61
* Implementing data quality management
This bundle also includes a free copy of the Managing Data Quality book and an hour of consultancy support
DQ1 – The Enterprise Data AssetExplanations of the basics of data quality, characteristics of enterprise data and the ways organisations tend to exploit this data
DQ2 – People and DataExplanations about the generic behaviours people exhibit towards data using the popular Data Zoo concept, what drives these behaviours and how to improve data behaviours
DQ3 – ISO 8000-61 as a framework for data quality managementAn explanation of the ISO 8000-61 process model and the individual processes within the model
DQ4 – Implementing data quality managementSteps to follow in order to develop a strategy to improve the approaches to data quality management in your organisation
DD1 – Creating and managing a Data DictionaryA Data Dictionary is an invaluable source of data requirements for an organisation. This course provides pragmatic guidance on creating and managing a Data Dictionary.
Do we need project management? A free taster course explaining the benefits of project management as a ‘taster’ for our ‘bite-sized’ project management courses

Internal ‘private’ courses

Wanting to train all your team? All the above courses can be set up as private internal courses accessible to your staff only. This allows corporate branding and key messages to be included, discussion functionality to be enabled allowing delegates to share ideas, suggestions and issues they are facing in the workplace.

We use a different pricing model for internal courses which enables a more cost effective solution when large numbers of staff require training. Contact us to discuss your training needs.