This course is targeted at: 

  • Highways asset managers
  • Highways data managers
  • Asset managers in non-highways organisations

Data and Process Advantage (DPA), Hyperion Infrastructure Consultancy and Saber Asset Management, have teamed up to provide this course. DPA have a long track record in asset data management in a variety of infrastructure sectors, Hyperion have deep experience of highways asset management and Saber are specialists in highway data collection.

Can you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following? Then this course will be of interest to you:

  • My organisation struggles to find data that is the ‘single source of the truth’ for assets
  • Too much effort and money is spent in merging and resolving different data sets
  • Staff do not trust the data we have in corporate systems
  • Staff create (and update) Excel spreadsheets rather than the corporate systems
  • We are in a repetitive cycle of cleansing and gathering data that then rapidly degrades in quality

Data is a key ingredient to decision making – particularly in asset intensive industries. Whilst many aspects of establishing a good data management approach are not complicated, managers often struggle to know how to improve the approaches of their organisation. The rapid growth of data coupled with the imperative for highways teams to operate as efficiently as possible means that improvements in data quality management will have lasting benefits to the organisation.

This is a half-day public course which is classroom based and uses a strong element of exercises and participation to improve the awareness and competence of delegates. Supporting reference material provides a long term reminder of the subject.

Key topics/agenda

  • The nature of the data asset
  • Approaches to data quality management based on ISO 8000
  • Asset managers in non-highways organisations
  • The impact of people and behaviours on data quality
  • Developing strategies for change


Date – 18th September 2018

Venue – Old Street, London

Cost – Only £200 excluding VAT


If you would like to book a place on this course, please click here. To find out more information, please email  

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