In addition to the core team members listed below, we also utilise key partners and associates to help deliver client engagements.

Julian Schwarzenbach

Julian Schwarzenbach

A ‘Data Evangelist’ with over 25 years’ experience of managing data and information in large organisations. Julian is one of the country’s leading asset information management and Building Information Modelling (BIM) practitioners. He is currently providing strategic support to a number of major infrastructure projects and organisations.

Additionally, Julian is Chair of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group, a member of the BSI AMT/4 Committee overseeing industrial automation standards, leads on asset information related activities for the Institute of Asset Management and was a member of the Steering Committees for PAS 1192-3, BS 1192-4, PAS 1192-5.



Ann Schwarzenbach 

AnnAn experienced manager, business improvement specialist and meeting facilitator. Ann has a ‘hands on’ approach to problem solving that has been applied in many organisational situations.

Ann is experienced at managing ‘difficult’ meetings and situations through the use of her strong interpersonal skills. She strongly believes in identifying and resolving the ‘people issues’ in any situation.

Ian Rush

IanIan is a highly experienced data manager, particularly in infrastructure organisations. He has established data quality measurement processes, set up and managed data dictionaries and data governance approaches.

Ian has only relatively recently moved from working in end user organisations to consultancy roles. His methodical approaches, process focus and interest in the behavioural aspects of organisations means that he is able to rapidly build up the trust and confidence of clients.

Michael Wallace

MichaelMichael is an experienced data manager who has worked in a number of organisations where attention to detail is essential due to the critical nature of operational activities.

Michael has strong geospatial data analysis skills in addition to a passion for process. His adaptability, desire for improvement and people focus means that he can quickly support client objectives.